Fitness Center

Please be considerate when using the fitness center!

  • Do not allow the weights to slam down to the floor when using them. (They make a lot of noise on the 19th floor.)
  • Clean the machines with the sanitary wipes after you use them.
  • Limit your time to 30 minutes on a machine if others are waiting to use it. 
  • Proper attire should include a shirt.
  • Personal training to outside guests is not permitted.
  • Residents may not hire outside trainers. 
  • Fitness equipment is designed for adults. Children in the center must be closely supervised.
  • Pets are not allowed in the fitness center.
  • Remember, loud noise – from radios, TVs and voices – can disturb others.
  • Do not leave any personal equipment in the Fitness Center. It will be removed.
Thank you for helping to make this a friendly and enjoyable atmosphere in which to exercise!


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